About CNG

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is Clean Energy for Vehicles

The use of natural gas in the transport sector has contributed to a great extent in containing the pollution due to vehicular exhaust emissions. CNG is an eco friendly green fuel and emits less pollutants.

Apart from this, natural gas as CNG has been able to replace high priced hydrocarbon commodity like petrol and diesel. It is an economical than other conventional fuels. It has no evaporation leaks and spills of fuel, both during refueling and feeding of car.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is natural gas compressed to a pressure of 200-250 Kg/cm² (g) (due to its low density) to enhance the vehicle on-board storage capacity.

List Of CNG Stations
S.No Agency Name Location Outlets Address
1 CGSCum CNG Mother Station Kovvur GGPL

Kovvuru (V), Near Gail Terminal,
West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.
Toll Free No: 1800-425-2559

2 CGSCum CNG Mother Station Vatluru GGPL

Vatluru (V), Pedapadu (M), Beside of NH-16,
West Godavari District.

3 CGS Cum Multi fuel station Amalapuram GGPL

Peruru (V), Amalapuram (M), Beside of NH-216,
East Godavari District.

4 M/s HP Auto Care Centre Ravulapalem HPCL

HP Auto Care Centre-COCO, Opposite To Vishista Punjabi Dhaba,
Ravulpalem Mandal-533238, Ravulapadu, East Godavari District.
P.No: 9701189505.

5 M/s Sri Satya Balaji Agencies Kathipudi HPCL

Kathipudi, Sanakavaram (M), Beside of NH-16,
East Godavari District, ph no.+919032607855, +917013981585

6 M/s Sri Venkateswara Petro Products Talluru BPCL

Sri Venkateswara Petro Products, Talluru, Beside Of NH16,
East Godavari District,- Ph no. 9010673990 / 9491535111

7 M/s Srinivasa Agencies Lalacheruvu HPCL

Srinivasa Agencies, 172-1-2, Beside Of NH16, 533106,
Rajamundry,East Godavari District. P.No:8977788599

8 M/s Bhaskara Agencies Morampudi IOCL

Bhaskara Agencies, Morampudi Centre,
Rajahmundry, East Godavari District.
P.No: 9848228320, 0883-2468778

9 M/s S Bulleyya Reddy Filling Station Balabhadrauram IOCL

S Bulleyya Reddy Filling Station, Canal Road,
Balabhadrapuram,533343, East Godavari District.
P.No: 9391951999 & 9581871199

10 M/s Sudheer Filling Station Pentapadu HPCL

Sudheer Filling Station, Darsiparru (V), Pentapadu (M),
Tadepalligudem to Bhimavaram Road, west Godavari District.
Ph.No: 9885633349

11 M/s Pushpa Service Station Bhimavaram HPCL

Pushpa Service Station, Narasimhapuram (V),
Bhimavaram (M), west Godavari District.
Ph.NO: 9246634414

12 M/s Sri Kotasakthi Filling Station Nidadavole BPCL

Sri Kotasakthi Filling Station, Ernagudem Road,
Nidadavole Mandal, Nidadavole, West Godavari District.

13 M/s JVL Narasimha Peravali BPCL

JVL Narasimha, Peravalli, Beside Of NH16,
West Godavari District.

14 M/s G S R Filling Station Alampuram IOCL

G S R Filling Station, Alampuram (V),
Pentapadu (M), Beside of NH16. west Godavari District.
Ph.No. 888366190

15 M/s Sri Lakshmi Agencies Kalaparru IOCL

Sri Lakshmi Agencies, Kalaparru, Wg, Beside Of NH16,
Hanuman Junction, Dist, Hanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh 521105.

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