• No impurities, No Sulphur (S), No lead (Pb)
  • Very low levels of polluting gaseous emissions without smell and dust
  • Very low level of polluting / greenhouse gas emissions
  • Molecular structure compactness prevents the reactive processes which lead to the formation of Ozone (O3) in the Troposphere.


  • Lighter than air - in case of leak no dangerous puddles
  • Unlikely to ignite due to: High ignition temperature Narrow range of ignition
  • Lowest injury and death rate per vehicle mile
  • CNG cylinders structurally most sound and have passed every severe tests
  • Unlikely to ignite due to high ignition temperature or narrow range of ignition


  • Cheaper than conventional fuel.
  • Payback period is short (around 3 - 4 Years) for CNG cylinder


  • Very high antiknock power allows greater performance compared to petrol one.
  • Does not require refining plant or additive adding.
  • No evaporation leaks and spills of fuel, both during refueling and feeding of the car
  • Combustion produces very low quantity of carbon deposits.

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