• PNG being lighter than air, disperses easily and avoids spontaneous flammability
  • Narrow inflammability range makes PNG one of the safest fuels. The combustible mixture of natural gas and air does not ignite if the mixture is leaner than 5% and richer than 15% of the airfuel ratio required for ignition.
  • Natural gas is lighter than air. Therefore, in case of a leak, it quickly disperses into air with adequate ventilation.
  • PNG is supplied through pipelines at a very low pressure, so it is a safer system as the quantity of Natural Gas is very small inside the premises.
  • In case of fire, PNG supply can be cut off through valves provided in the pipelines inside and outside of the kitchen.
  • Since natural gas is odourless, ethyl mercaptan (a chemical that has a sulphur-like odour) is added before distribution, to give it a distinct odour. This is similar to the odour of LPG and serves as a safety device by allowing it to be detected in the atmosphere in cases of leak.

Unmatched convenience

  • No hassles of booking LPG cylinder and no long wait for its delivery. No tedious routine of checking LPG refill cylinder for any suspected leakage or it being underweight during delivery. The user is spared the inconvenience of connecting and disconnecting the LPG cylinder, and saves space occupied by LPG cylinders.


  • Natural gas is being used predominantly as a versatile fuel in many major cities catering to domestic and commercial applications, as fuel for cooking, heating water, space heating, air conditioning, etc.

Post Paid Billing

  • No advance payment for consumption of gas, billing will be done once in two months based on consumption

Eco - Friendly

  • Use Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, and helps improve the quality of air, especially when used in place of other more polluting energy sources. Its combustion results in virtually no atmospheric emissions of sulphurdioxide (SO2), and far lower emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), reactive hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, than combustion of other fossil fuels.

Uninterrupted supply

  • PNG network offers continuous and adequate supply of natural gas, doing away with the problems of storing gas in cylinders.

Convenient To Use

  • Assured and uninterrupted supply of gas. No traffic disruption as supplied through pipelines. No wastage, no underweight cylinders, no hassle for replacement of cylinder, no need for cylinder booking.


  • Economically more viable compared to other fuels in same sector
  • Natural Gas is cheaper compared to other fuels in the same sector.

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